Tips & Tricks for First Time Skiers

Skiing is a popular sport especially among the young sports lovers, though the game is a thrill for people of all ages. Most of the skiers have mastered the art through trial and error and learning it on their own or through friends. However, the majority of people go to a skiing school to be taught how to ski. It might look simple, but the sport requires training and a lot of patience on the side of the learner. The cost of training in most cases will include the pole ski and shoe. Here are some tips and tricks for first-time skiers that will make their learning and practice fun.


The first thing the learner should get is the right clothing. Skiing is done at very low temperatures, and it is, therefore, essential to get warm clothes. The clothes should however not be heavy as this might slow down the skier. The Skier should also get comfortable socks and gloves to protect the hands and feet from the harsh climatic conditions. A first-time skier is advised to make sure that they are physically fit before they can begin skiing.


It is advisable that a beginner gets shorter wider and flexible skis on the first attempt with no deep holes on the plastic base. The metallic edge of the ski should be at a 90˚ which allows the skier to grip on steeper slopes or to turn. If you are hiring the ski and boots, you will get help on the correct skis from the shop staff.


One of the most important tip and trick a first-time skier should learn is to get the correct fitting of boots. One needs to spend time in trying on different models with help from the store staff. Once you get the right boots and ski, you need to fit them on a flat area. The skis should be placed across that slope parallel to each other, and the two ski stoppers at the side of the binding are meant to dig into the snow as you ski.


As a first-time skier, be careful about the posture you take as you find your ski legs. You should make sure that you are leaning forward rather than backward and your knees should be slightly bent. Your weight should be fully transferred to the skis as you slide them but this should, however, come as naturally as possible. After skiing for a while, use the poles to gain momentum.


Learning how to stop is an integral part of learning how to ski. When you are about to stop, get to a flat surface and move your skis into a v position. The tips of your ski at this point should be together while the backs quite far apart. Be sure to take small steps with each leg until you reach a comfortable position then you can stop.


The final tip and trick for first-time skiers is to find the best skiing spot. As a beginner, find a less congested place for your first time experience. The safety of the first time skier should be paramount. If you have any conditions like gout it will be difficult. If you drink a lot, don’t do this sport. Gout and alcohol use will hinder you from skiing.